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Top Law Colleges in India

Top Law Colleges in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of Law InstLawutes, Different Courses and Programs in India


In this section we shall provide you with the list of LAW Colleges details by particular State like India.
Welcome to List of LAW Colleges, Top LAW Colleges & Best LAW Colleges section in India, Following is the list of top 10, 20, 50, LAW colleges, institutes and courses in India, India offering best LAW courses. India has some top and best ranking LAW colleges and they are very popular names with a very good reputation in the country. These LAW Colleges in India are spread across various locations in the city. Admissions to these colleges in India is done through various central, state & colleges entrance test. This list of LAW colleges in India is derived and compiled from various media sources like websites and publications.
We hope you will find the right LAW colleges to shortlist from to pursue your career and make your dreams come true. You can send in your questions to us to get any further information on colleges any where.

Indian economy is developing faster and so are the people. They are becoming more and more conscious of the laws of the country. Everybody wants to know their rights and wants to be legally safe. If this is not enough then it’s a known fact that along with the rising economy, even the crime rates have increased.

The main point is, now-a-days you cannot deny the importance of law and order. And neither can we deny the growing demand of lawyers and solicitor. As our laws are so complex, big companies and small companies are hiring a solicitor or lawyer as a lawyer is licensed by the state to engage in the practice of law and advice clients on legal matters.

Law Colleges in India, Latest Courses and Colleges, List of Top Ranking, Best Law InstLawutes, Different courses programs of colleges & instLawutes in India


Lawyers also act as advocates and advisors on behalf of their clients. There are more career options like they can be appointed as Judges of various courts, as Attorney and Solicitor General, as Public Prosecutor, Defense, Tax and Labor departments, with legal consultancy firms dealing with tax, environmental laws, and law reporters in media industries etc. Thus, more people are taking it up as a profession.

We bring to you the list of the Top Law Colleges in India from where you can do your LLB course. These colleges not only give you the finest qualification but also endow you with practical knowledge so that you are not raw when you enter this field. The courses that are offered are a three-year law course (LLB) after graduation, five-year course after twelfth standard examinations and various diploma courses. There are various specialization courses like civil law, criminal law, corporate law, income tax law, international law, labor law, constitutional law, and patent law etc.

Top Law Colleges in India List

NLSIU, Bangalore Hidayatullah National Law University
NALSAR, Hyderabad Faculty of Law, Aligarh Muslim University
NUJS, Kolkata University Law College, Bangalore University
NLIU, Bhopal University Institute of Legal Studies, Chandigarh
Faculty of Law, Delhi Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College, Pune
NLU, Jodhpur KLE Society’s Law College, Bangalore
Government Law College, Mumbai Faculty of Law, Lucknow Univ.Lucknow
Symbiosis Law College, Pune University College of Law, Hyderabad
Amity Law School Army Institute of Law, Mohali
ILS Law College. Pune Gopaldas Jamatmal Advani Law College, Mumbai
Faculty of Law, BHU MS Ramaiah College of Law, Bangalore
Department of Law, Punjab University Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies, Bangalore
Faculty of Law, Chandigarh University

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This page and section has details on Top Law Colleges in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of Law InstLawutes, Different Courses and Programs in India


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