Where to Study


Where to Study?


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Some common questions many aspiring students have in their minds are Where to Study Abroad? Which is the best country to study abroad? How to Study and learn? How to learn and study? What to study? And many more such questions.


Many students are surprised at the differences in studying for college courses versus how they studied in high school. Regular worksheets are replaced by vast midterms and exams which require knowledge about concepts rather than simple memorization of facts. Projects and their implementation become more important than simply memorizing the subject matter. Students frequently discover they need to adapt their study habits to the college setting.

There are many factors that one must keep in mind while deciding Where to Study. A new place comes with new challenges and opportunities. While there are plenty of options to choose from as well with respect to where to study, but one must carefully weight the pros and cons of ach option on where to study and then take an informed decision. Below are some tips which can help students understand and choose where to study.


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10 Tips on Where to Study:

  1. Meet current students of the college/institute/university and get a review
  2. Meet ex-Students of the college/institute/university and get a review
  3. Meet the professors/teachers current or ex of college/institute/university and get a review
  4. Visit the campus of the college/institute/university to get a feel of the place
  5. Do your research on how the college/institute/university is regarded in the industry
  6. Look at various internet sites on education and other books, magazines and periodicals to get a review or ranking on the college/institute/university
  7. Make a SWOT analysis of the college/institute/university
  8. See the specialization and what the college/institute/university excels in or is popular for
  9. See what kind of companies come to the college/institute/university for placements and selection of students for jobs on campus
  10. Check if the college/institute/university have strong industry or corporate tie-ups for you to get first hand experience and exposure on the relevant field of education you choose



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