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Cost of Study and Living in Turkey

Cost of Studying in Turkey, Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Turkey


You must carefully study the estimated cost of living in a place like Turkey. Accordingly You need to be well prepared financially and ensure that enough arrangements are made for the required funds. You must also account for some reserves and emergency when you calculate the cost of living in Turkey. Various parameters must be looked at like house rent, groceries, inflation, political situation of the country, transportation mode, entertainment options etc. One must get information on various such parameters and then make an estimate on the cost of living abroad in a new place like Turkey.

Cost of Studying in Turkey, Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Turkey


Tuition fees of Turkish teaching institutions are determined at the beginning of every year. These where the annual amounts of 2003-04: (for more exact figures it is best to contact the university where you plan to apply)

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State Universities where classes are taught in English:
Turkish students: US $ 150 – 500
International students: US $ 450 – 1500
State Universities where classes are taught in English:
Turkish students: US $ 200 – 300
International students: US $ 600 – 900
In universities where classes are taught in Turkish the fees are generally about half the price.
Also Average cost of an apartment off campus ranges between $200 and $500/ month. Living expenses for international students generally go upwards from 300 to 400 US dollars per month depending on the living standards you choose. Books and administrative fees are approximately 100 to 150 US dollars per. Apart from that travelling, food, entertainment, shopping, health, gym, internet and phone bill would cost an extra US $ 300 a month approximately.

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