Student Visa Requirement for study in Zambia

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Zambia, Visa Application Procedure, Process for Zambia Universities


It is important that one understands the detailed process and procedure of the  immigration formalities before going abroad for studying in Zambia. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Vissa and other formalities of the requirements of a country like Zambia are properly covered. This section will give you knowledge on the Student Vissa requirement and other process and procedures of Zambia. Zambia is the gateway for the students to enter the great continent of South Africa.

For education purpose, if a student decide to stop at Zambia, for more than ninety days, then the fellow will be required Student Visa, which have to be collected from the local embassies of the respective residing states. Zambia visas are issued on producing the following official documents, which include,

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Passport (Valid at least for 6 months)

Application form (for Student visa)

Letter of acceptance form from respective Zambia Institute (for Student Visa)

Air tickets

Passport size photo (1 in number)