Why Study in USA

Why Study in USA, Why Study Abroad in USA?

In an increasingly globalised world economy, the mantra for success includes special skills and qualities such as creativity, efficacy, innovation, efficiency. Universities, colleges and schools in the USA offer a vibrant, creative and challenging environment which gives an opportunity to the students for developing their potential. With its almost enviable reputation for excellence in education, the USA has been host to an increasing number of international students each year. British educational qualifications have long been respected and valued throughout the world.

When one goes abroad to study there are many factors that can influence in taking a decision with regards to this. Besides the fact it will be a new and unknown territory other important thoughts are what will be my career option in USA? What will be the cost of living in USA? How will my career graph grow in USA? Will there be enough job opportunities for me in USA or elsewhere in the world?

Why Study in USA, Why study abroad in USA ?


Study in USA is the most sought after for internatinal students as USA has some of the World’s Top Universities. USA houses 3800 higher education institutes, 42 of which ranked in the top 100 universities in the world in 2008. The United States has more institutions of higher learning than any other country in the world.  Most American colleges and universities offer top-notch education programs with highly qualified teaching staff. The research at many of these universities is cutting-edge and often published in journals worldwide. Since the USA is such a large country with vast resources, almost every field of study is available in the country. This country has the highest international student population coming for education here. This is because of its world class universities, institutions, state-of-the-art facilities and up-to-date technologies.

The education institutions have an excellent academic reputation and a vibrant campus life. There are students from various cultures and nationalities housed here. The level of tolerance and freedom that all these students have to practice their own culture as well as mingle with people from different cultures is wonderful.

The country is so huge that a person can enjoy urban, suburban and rural locations and climates. The three most popular subjects are business and management; engineering; and computer and life sciences. The three main cities students are flocked in are, California, New York and Texas.

The average tuition and fees per academic year at four year undergraduate level can vary from less than US$3,500 to more than US$15,000. Living expenses range from $4,700-6,000 each academic year. However, tuition and fees at selective private institutions may cost considerably more than these averages.

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Why do foreign students pay the price to enroll in Top USA Universities? Because they view this cost as an investment. They have determined that the necessary skills and experience they will gain by studying in the USA will reap a high return for their money and a better paying job when they return home.