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In 1895, military defeat forced China to cede Taiwan to Japan, however it reverted to Chinese control after World War II. Following the communist victory on the mainland in 1949, 2 million Nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a government using the 1947 constitution drawn up for all of China. Over the next five decades, the ruling authorities gradually democratized and incorporated the native population within its governing structure. Throughout this period, the island has prospered to become one of East Asia’s economic “Tigers.” The dominant political issue continues to be the relationship between Taiwan and China and the question of eventual reunification.

Country Profile


Official Name:
formally: Republic of China
traditional Chinese: 臺灣 or 台灣; simplified Chinese: 台湾; Pinyin: Táiwan
int’l short form: Taiwan
abbreviation: ROC
historically known as: Formosa

ISO Country Code: tw
Actual Time: Tue-Oct-18  12:44 
Local Time = UTC +8h

Country Calling Code: +886

Capital City: Taipei (pop. 2.6 million)

Other Cities: Kaohsiung (pop. 1.5 million).

Type: Multi-party democracy.
Constitution: 25 December 1946; last amended 2000.

Location: Eastern Asia, islands southeastern of the coast of China.
Area: 35 967 sq. km. (13 887 sq. mi.).
Terrain: Largely mountainous.

Climate: Maritime subtropical.

Nationality: Taiwan
Population: 23 million.
Taiwan is the second most densely populated area in the world.
Ethnic groups: Taiwanese (including Hakka) 84%, mainland Chinese 14%, aborigine 2%.
Religions: mixture of Buddhist, Confucian, and Taoist 93%, Christian 4.5%.
Languages: Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese, official), Holo Taiwanese, Hakka (spoken by the Hakka minority group), other indigenous languages (Formosan).
Literacy: 96 %.

Natural resources: Small deposits of coal, natural gas, limestone, marble, and asbestos.

Agriculture products: Rice, corn, vegetables, fruit, tea; pigs, poultry, beef, milk, fish.

Industries: Electronics, petroleum refining, chemicals, textiles, iron and steel, machinery, cement, food processing.

Exports partners: China 19.5%, Hong Kong17.1%, USA 15.3%, Japan 7.7%, Singapore3.6%, South Korea 3.0%

Imports partners: Japan 25.9%, USA 12.8%,China 9.9%, South Korea 6.9%, Germany 3.4%,Saudi Arabia 3.3% (2004)
(Source: ROC Bureau of Foreign Trade — Trade Statistics)

Currency: New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)