Student Visa Requirements for Study in Switzerland

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Switzerland, Visa Application Procedure, Process for Switzerland Universities


It is important that one understands the detailed process and procedure of the  immigration formalities before going abroad for studying in Switzerland. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Vissa and other formalities of the requirements of a country like Switzerland are properly covered. This section will give you knowledge on the Student Vissa requirement and other process and procedures of Switzerland.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Switzerland, Visa Application Procedure, Process for Switzerland Universities


Only Americans or foreign residents and foreign students in the United States who have a valid permanent resident card or a valid U.S. visa (e.g. categories F1 (I-20), H1B, G1, J1, etc.) may apply for a visa. The following are the requirements for a student visa:

1. Three national (type D) visa application forms, fully completed and signed by the applicant.Applications which are not duly completed, dated and signed will not be accepted.
2. Four recent passport photos.
3. Two copies of valid passport or travel document
4. If applicable, original and copy of proof of residency in the USA, e.g. a valid permaneresident card (green card), F-1 visa (plus copy of I-20), etc. Notarized copy if applying by mail.
5. Two copies of confirmation/registration letter from the school, university, etc. in Switzerland
6. Two copies of confirmation of payment of school tuition fees
7. A statement containing exact details of income and assets, with official proof and/or bank statements (2 copies each)
8. Two copies of previous diplomas and school certificates
9. Two copies of a written confirmation that the applicant will leave Switzerland after he/she completes the chosen course study
10. Two copies of a resume (biographical data, schools attended, etc.)
11. Two copies of a brief essay on the applicant’s future plans
12. Visa fee & additional postage fee.

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This  request will be forwarded for a decision to the competent cantonal foreign police where you intend to study and the representation will only be able to issue your visa upon receipt of the authorization. The procedure takes at least 8-10 weeks. Once the authorization has been given, the following documents will have to be sent to the competent Swiss representation in order to obtain thevisa:

1. Original passport or travel document
2. If applying by mail: one prepaid, self-addressed return envelope with a tracking number