Admission Requirements for Study in Singapore

Admission Procedure for Study in Singapore, Admission Requirements, Process for Singapore Universities


It is imperative that one understands the detailed admission process and procedure and other formalities before going abroad for studying in Singapore. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Visa and other formalities like eligibility criteria, mandatory requirements and all such things are taken care of when one looks at taking admission in any college, institute or university in Singapore. This section will give you knowledge on the admission procedure and other necessary admission requirements for study in Singapore.

Admission Procedure for Study in Singapore, Admission Requirements, Italian Universities Eligibility Criteria, Application Process for Study in Singapore


Following is the eligibility criteria for study in singapore for mba, engineering, bachelors, masters and phd programs for getting admission into singapore universities:

For different levels the eligibility is as specified:-

  • For Primary School :- Age 6 – 11 , for Secondary School : Age 12 – 16 (0 levels), Institution of Technical Education : After 0 levels can take the national ITE Certificates (NITEC) course for 2 years.or Pre-Tertiary : (Age16) They can study for A levels either at Junior College for 2 years or spend 3 years at Polytechnic to obtain diploma.Tertiary Education: After polytechnic either they can work or continue studies at a University. There are 3 universities and 33 private institutes in Singapore.
  • Eligibility criteria differs from  University to University. University like NTU, NUS require 2 years work experience & GMAT mandatory with 1st class degree. Entry requirements for undergraduates are 85% above. SAT is required for NTU & SMU. NUS doesn’t require SAT.
  • Private sector: undergraduate required. Postgraduate: first class degree is required.
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Admission process:-
  • A student must choose the institute or university and download their application form. After duly completing the same, it should be sent to the institute along with testimonials of earlier education completed.
  • The English language proficiency tests i.e. the IELTS score should also be mentioned in the application.
  • After the institute peruses the application it decides the selection of the candidate, if the candidate receives a letter of acceptance from the institution the students should apply for a Student’s pass or visa.