Admission Requirements for Study in Scotland

Admission Procedure for Study in Scotland, Admission Requirements, Process for Scotland Universities


It is imperative that one understands the detailed admission process and procedure and other formalities before going abroad for studying in Scotland. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Visa and other formalities like eligibility criteria, mandatory requirements and all such things are taken care of when one looks at taking admission in any college, institute or university in Scotland. This section will give you knowledge on the admission procedure and other necessary admission requirements for study in Scotland.

Admission Procedure for Study in Scotland, Admission Requirements, Scotland Universities Eligibility Criteria, Application Process for Study in Scotland


1.    Submit your application to the university (either online, by post or by fax).
2.    A Student Enrolment Adviser will contact you if they have any queries about your application
3.    University will carefully review your application and check whether  the candidate have suitable academic qualifications and level of English language (you will be asked to complete our English Test if you do not have an IELTS or TOEFL grade)
4.    If your application is successful university will send the student a formal offer of a place
5.    After which university will send its student a Certificate of Enrolment, confirming that the student have a reserved place at the ISC and.
6.    Student then need to apply for a visa if necessary
7.    One month before the start of term student need to pay their remaining fees (either in full or their first installment)
8.    Before the start of your course university will ask applicants for details of their flight to the UK, and will send a confirmation of their accommodation.

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