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Official Name:
Scottish Gaelic: Alba

Local Time = UTC +0h
Actual Time: Mon-Oct-17  12:02
Daylight saving time (DST) from March to October: UTC +1

Capital City: Edinburgh

Other Cities:
Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling

Type: Constituent Nation of the United Kingdom
Head of state: HM Queen Elizabeth II

Location: Northwest Europe, occupying the northern third of the island of Great Britain.
Area: 78 313 sq. km
Terrain: mountainous in the Highlands, the low-lying Central Belt, and the hilly Southern Uplands.

Climate: unpredictable, northern European temperate, influenced by the sea, the cold arctic and the warm air from the gulf stream.

Nationality: Noun–Scot(s), Adjective–Scottish, Scotch
Population: 5 200 000
Ethnic Groups: Scots, British
Religions: Church of Scotland (The Kirk) functions as the national church (42%), No Religion (28%), Roman Catholicism (16%)
Languages: English, Scottish Gaelic and Lowland Scots
Literacy: 99%

Currency: Pound sterling £ (GBP)