Scholarships for Study in Russia

Study in Russia Scholarships, Scholarships for Study in Russia, Students, University, Grants, MBA Scholarship


There are many Scholarships options available for student looking at studying in Russia. Like any place Scholarships will be determined multiple factors primarily your own merit. Different types of scholarship options are available in different universities, depending on the place and where you intend to apply and study in Russia you will need to do more research on the various scholarship options available for students studying in universities across Russia.

Study in Russia Scholarships, Scholarships for Study in Russia, Students Scholarships, University, Grants Scholarships, MBA Scholarship


There are various types of scholarships in Russia the ones funded by the Government and the other funded by the Study Abroad organisations.

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships offers funding of upto up to $7,000 for under graduates students.

The David L. Boren Scholarships offers funding of approx. $26,000 to under graduate students as well as to graduate students.

The AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships fund many students for an amount of  $1,000 and $2,000 to many students in a given academic year.

Diversity Scholarships are handed out to those applicants underrepresented in an international study program either due to economic, social or other challenges. These cover the full complement of required costs for the program including travel expenses.

Three Minority Scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each are also given.

The School for International Training (SIT) is another large-scale study abroad provider with many innovative programs located throughout the international community. SIT Fund disburses the largest number of scholarships based on a combination of academic merit and financial need.

Diversity Fund scholarships go to those students who are most underrepresented in a study abroad program whether due to social or economic challenges.

HBCU Fund awards go to eligible participants whose home institution is one of the Historically Black Colleges.

Sally Bragg Baker Fund rewards an outstanding female participant. Recipients must demonstrate exceptional commitment to peace studies and cultural exchange.

Overseas Russian Flagship Program is designed to fund the studies to advanced level students and professionals in deeper studies on location in St. Petersburg.

Title VIII Research Scholar Program provides generous monetary assistance to students at a graduate level or higher. Research projects must be well defined and require between three and nine months in Russia.Title VIII Combined Research and Language Training Program is as the name suggests.

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The International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) is a not-for-profit international organization that provides various levels and types of support for scholars and professionals who study or work in the realm of social affairs, international politics and who are passionate about creating sustainable networks of collaboration and communication.