Admission Requirements for Study in Romania

Admission Procedure for Study in Romania, Admission Requirements, Process for Romania Universities


It is imperative that one understands the detailed admission process and procedure and other formalities before going abroad for studying in Romania. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Visa and other formalities like eligibility criteria, mandatory requirements and all such things are taken care of when one looks at taking admission in any college, institute or university in Romania. This section will give you knowledge on the admission procedure and other necessary admission requirements for study in Romania.

Admission Procedure for Study in Romania, Admission Requirements, Romania Universities Eligibility Criteria, Application Process for Study in Romania


International students have to prove good knowledge of the teaching language (Romanian, English, French or German, according to the program). If the program is taught in Romanian, international students learn Romanian during the University Foundation Year (Preparatory Year). The candidates who speak Romanian can skip the preparatory year after having passed a test of Romanian language. The candidates, who can formally prove that they have studied in Romanian for at least four years consecutively, do not need to pass the Romanian language test or to attend the preparatory year.

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Foreign students, who have begun to study in their home country or in another country, can finish their studies in Romania. This is possible according to each individual case, after the recognition and equivalence of diplomas.