Admission Requirements for Study in Malaysia

Admission Procedure for Study in Malaysia, Admission Requirements, Process for Malaysia Universities


It is imperative that one understands the detailed admission process and procedure and other formalities before going abroad for studying in Malaysia. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Vissa and other formalities like eligibility criteria, mandatory requirements and all such things are taken care of when one looks at taking admission in any college, institute or university in Malaysia. This section will give you knowledge on the admission procedure and other necessary admission requirements for study in Malaysia.


Following is the eligibility criteria for study in malaysia for mba, engineering, bachelors, masters and phd programs for getting admission into malaysian universities:


A student has to have a score of 60% in his or her past education track record. There is no need to take the entrance tests like SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL.

If a student is from a non English speaking nation then the college or institution may take a test for the same. However this parameter differs from institute to institute.

Admission Procedure for Study in Malaysia, Admission Requirements, Malaysia Universities Eligibility Criteria, Application Process for Study in Malaysia


Application procedure:-

Steps For Direct Entry Into Malaysia
Step 1
You submit an application form to study together with relevant documents to the intended educational institution which has the official approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs and Malaysia Immigration Department) to recruit international students.

Step 2
If your application to study is accepted by the educational institution which you applied to, they will then help you apply for student pass at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia prior to YOUR entry.

Step 3
Upon acceptance, a letter of approval for student pass will be issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department to the educational institution which offered the place for you to study. The educational institution will send the approval letter to you while you are still in YOUR own (foreign) country.

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Step 1

Before leaving your country for Malaysia, you must inform the educational institution of your port of entry (airport), flight number, arrival date and time.

Step 2
Upon your arrival at the airport in Malaysia, the educational institution’s representative should receive you at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport. Visa will be issued to you at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on your valid national Passport. Note : Nationals from The Peoples Republic of China are required to obtain Entry Visa prior to entry into Malaysia.

Step 3
Within two weeks of your arrival, the educational institution will submit your passport to the Immigration Department to affix the Student Pass sticker.