Why Study in Lithuania

Why Study in Lithuania, Why Study Abroad in Lithuania?


In an increasingly globalised world economy, the mantra for success includes special skills and qualities such as creativity, efficacy, innovation, efficiency. Universities, colleges and schools in the Lithuania offer a vibrant, creative and challenging environment which gives an opportunity to the students for developing their potential. With its almost enviable reputation for excellence in education, the Lithuania has been host to an increasing number of international students each year.

When one goes abroad to study there are many factors that can influence in taking a decision with regards to this. Besides the fact it will be a new and unknown territory other important thoughts are what will be my career option in Lithuania? What will be the cost of living in Lithuania? How will my career graph grow in Lithuania? Will there be enough job opportunities for me in Lithuania or elsewhere in the world?

Why Study in Lithuania, Why study abroad in Lithuania ?


Discover that travel means more than border crossings and posing for pictures. Live like a local in an urban setting.
Experience Lithuania, a unique country where a walk along cobblestone streets reveals not only the history of a people once conquered and now liberated but also the spirit of a nation that is determined to maintain its identity. Higher education in Lithuania is available at Universities or Colleges. The higher education institutions follow the guidelines of the Bologna declaration.
The history of Lithuania in the 20th Century is one of the saddest in the world, but its tenure thus far in the 21st Century has not only been a happy one, but has been also a model of success for other countries in the region. But with the fall of Communism in Europe and Russia, the fortunes of this small country on the Baltic Sea have turned around quite brilliantly.

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Universities of Lithuania provide specialized content allowing for further development of the scientific research process of students. After obtaining a Master’s degree, students can choose to pursue research projects leading to a Doctorate degree (PhD). PhD’s are only awarded by Universities.