Why Study in Italy

Why Study in Italy, Why Study Abroad in Italy?


In an increasingly globalised world economy, the mantra for success includes special skills and qualities such as creativity, efficacy, innovation, efficiency. Universities, colleges and schools in the Italy offer a vibrant, creative and challenging environment which gives an opportunity to the students for developing their potential. With its almost enviable reputation for excellence in education, the Italy has been host to an increasing number of international students each year. British educational qualifications have long been respected and valued throughout the world.

When one goes abroad to study there are many factors that can influence in taking a decision with regards to this. Besides the fact it will be a new and unknown territory other important thoughts are what will be my career option in Italy? What will be the cost of living in Italy? How will my career graph grow in Italy? Will there be enough job opportunities for me in Italy or elsewhere in the world?

Why Study in Italy, Why study abroad in Italy ?


Italy is known to the world for the historical city Rome – the churches and the Pope. Of course the world famous Pizzas and Pastas and cheesy cuisine, Italy is now being well known for the education system and foreign students seeking admissions in them.

The courses most sought after are art and design, cooking, fashion or language courses.

Studying in Italy gives students access to some of the most influential art, architecture, and history in the world. Italian universities and institutions are affiliated to many US universities and colleges.

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There are very renowned programs in hotel and catering, languages, social sciences, humanities, legal studies, politics and international affairs. The Bologna process of education is from Italy. Italy houses world famous universities.

The weather is good and people are warm. The living environment is safe and international students are welcomed.

Italy has many leisure activities for students on weekends. There is history and heritage to explore. There are many lounge bars for pastas and wine lovers. Shopping for attire, accessories of world famous designs and availing student discounts on the same is an opportunity that one should not miss.