Scholarships for Study in Italy

Study in Italy Scholarships, Scholarships for Study in Italy, Students, University, Grants, MBA Scholarship


There are many Scholarships options available for student looking at studying in Italy. Like any place Scholarships will be determined multiple factors primarily your own merit. Different types of scholarship options are available in different universities, depending on the place and where you intend to apply and study in Italy you will need to do more research on the various scholarship options available for students studying in universities across Italy.

Study in Italy Scholarships, Scholarships for Study in Italy, Students Scholarships, University, Grants Scholarships, MBA Scholarship


All international students are entitled to the same student assistance services as Italian students, on basis of the same requisites of financial means and/or merit. This applies to scholarships, student loans, housing assistance, refectory meal tickets and fee waivers.

These services are managed by the DSU office (Diritto allo studio universitario).
Alongside scholarship and financial aid information, DSU offices will also provide other services such as counselling and information on extra curricular activities, sport, transport and other practical matters.
You should contact the office at the university where you plan to study to find out what services are available to you.