Scholarships for Study in Ireland

Study in Ireland Scholarships, Scholarships for Study in Ireland, Students, University, Grants, MBA Scholarship


There are many Scholarships options available for student looking at studying in Ireland. Like any place Scholarships will be determined multiple factors primarily your own merit. Different types of scholarship options are available in different universities, depending on the place and where you intend to apply and study in Ireland you will need to do more research on the various scholarship options available for students studying in universities across Ireland.

Study in Ireland Scholarships, Scholarships for Study in Ireland, Students Scholarships, University, Grants Scholarships, MBA Scholarship



Scholarships to international students are provided in Ireland by Travel Abroad organisations, colleges and universities, private organisations and the Irish Government.

There are Travel Abroad Organisations to promote Ireland to American students.They are:-

The Institute for Study Abroad-Butler University.
The American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS).
The Private organisations are as under:
The U.S. – Ireland Alliance is an organization dedicated to enriching the relations between the United States and Ireland.
The George J. Mitchell Scholarship.

The following are College and University Scholarships:-

Michigan State University offers students access to internships in Dublin, Ireland.
MSU Federal Credit Union
Forest Aker Scholarships
MSU Alumni Association Scholarships.
Mesa Community College in Mesa.
The University of Florida International Center.
UF Honors Program Summer Scholarships.
Keith Legg Honors Program Academic Year Scholarships.

The following are some scholarships provided by the Government of Ireland:-

Waterford Institute of Technology
Ireland Homecoming Study Programme
University of Limerick
Cork Institute of Technology
Institute of Technology Carlow
Dublin Business School
Irish Aid Fellowships