Student Visa Requirements for Study in France

Student Visa Requirements for Study in France, Visa Application Procedure, Process for France Universities


It is important that one understands the detailed process and procedure of the  immigration formalities before going abroad for studying in France. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Visa and other formalities of the requirements of a country like France are properly covered. This section will give you knowledge on the Student Visa requirement and other process and procedures of France.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in France, Visa Application Procedure, Process for France Universities


There are three kinds of student visas available, depending upon the length of studies in France as indicated in the letter of enrollment:-

  • A Schengen visa, multiple entries, for a stay up to 3 months: the student should use the short stay visa application form.
  • The temporary long stay visa (from 3 to 6 months), multiple entries, is valid for the whole stay. The student does not need a residency card. The student uses the long term visa application form.
  • One year-visa (stay over 6 months): the visa is valid 3 months, 1 entry. The student should use the long term visa application form. Within this delay, and after the arrival in France, the students must complete the proper documentation with the French school or university; have to go for a medical check-up to a doctor from the National Immigration Office ( Office des Migrations Internationales). Then they should contact the Police Department (Prefecture de police) in order to obtain the student residency card (carte de sejour) and present there the visa, the original documents previously required for the visa, a birth certificate and the medical results.
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Requirements for a student visa:-

  • Passport signed and valid for a period of three months beyond the applicant’s last day of stay in France.
  • The visa application forms signed and legibly filled out (consult your consulate for the number of copies received, and do note that you cannot make a copy of your application. Each application received must be filled out individually). Indicate your phone numbers and e-mail. Indicate the dates of stay. The form has to be filled with BLACK ink.
  • A passport size photograph glued on each form.
  • Prepaid self-addressed envelope if you apply by mail. Only Express mail, Priority mail, certified mail (a registered mail) will be accepted, if not the personal appearance will be required. Note that the personal appearance is the basic rule. (Assume you will need to make a personal appearance!)
  • “Student” visa fee: payment by credit card (Visa, Mastercard) (especially for files sent by mail) or money-order made out to “Consulate general of France” or certified checks. Cash is accepted only if you apply in person. Do not assume you can pay by check.