Cost of Study and Living in Canada


Cost of Studying in Canada, Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Canada


You must carefully study the estimated cost of living in a place like Canada. Accordingly You need to be well prepared financially and ensure that enough arrangements are made for the required funds. You must also account for some reserves and emergency when you calculate the cost of living in Canada. Various parameters must be looked at like house rent, groceries, inflation, political situation of the country, transportation mode, entertainment options etc. One must get information on various such parameters and then make an estimate on the cost of living abroad in a new place like Canada.

Cost of Studying in Canada, Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Canada


The average cost for a year’s fee can range from $5,000 to $18,000, which in most institutions is paid on registration day. The tuition covers two semesters, which equates to eight months of academic study. As well as tuition fees, you will also need to budget for living costs, rent, travel, course materials such as books, food, laundry, healthcare and social expenses. Remember to work these additional costs into your budget and try to be realistic. The Canadian immigration bodies and your chosen institution will require proof that you have sufficient funds to cover  the costs of your tuition fees and living costs. Often your chosen institution will provide an estimate of yearly living costs for immigration, however if this is not done, immigration will need to see proof of $10,000 in your account (additional to the tuition fees) to cover living costs for the year.

Living costs vary depending on location and the lifestyle you adopt. Certain areas and provinces are more expensive; these tend to be larger cities and urban areas such as Montreal and Vancouver. Living costs you should include in your budget are accommodation, food, laundry, utility bills, clothing, social trips, traveling and entertainment costs. Not to forget health insurance on your list. Healthcare requirements for international students vary in each province. All healthcare insurance must be arranged before you leave for Canada, this may include registering on your chosen institutions health plan or joining a private healthcare plan.

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It is advisable to spend wisely and use your student card wherever one can avail of discounts so that you study stay here is not stressful and you enjoy your study in Canada.



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