Student Visa Requirements for Study in Australia

Student Visa Australia, Student Visa Requirements for Study in Australia: Application Form, Process Procedure for Study in Australia Visa


It is important that one understands the detailed process and procedure of the  immigration formalities before going abroad for studying in Australia. One must ensure that all the documentation for the application of Visa and other formalities of the requirements of a country like Australia are properly covered. This section will give you knowledge on the Student Visa requirement and other process and procedures of Australia.

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Australia, Visa Application Procedure, Process for Australian Universities


As part of the student visa requirements or application form procedure, process, Foreign students require a student visa for Australia before commencement of their course in Australia which is more than 3 months. For a student visa they have to undertake a full time course here.

  • Student Visa Application form (obtainable from the web)
  • Visa Application fee
  • Confirmation of Enrolment Form (COE) this will be issued by the host university once the application has been accepted.
  • Acceptance letter from your host university, this will include the proposed study plan.
  • Letter (from your current institution confirming status as a Study Abroad Student)
  • Passport
  • 2 passport sized photographs.
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Students should have adequate financial support and English proficiency i.e. the IELTS with the adequate score as required by the university applied for. Then after issuance of student visa they can apply for health insurance whilst they are in Australia.  After paying the premium, the receipt has to be submitted to the visa authorities.