Cost of Study and Living in Australia

Cost of Studying in Australia, Tution Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Australia


You must carefully study the estimated cost of living in a place like Australia. Accordingly You need to be well prepared financially and ensure that enough arrangements are made for the required funds. You must also account for some reserves and emergency when you calculate the cost of living in Australia. Various parameters must be looked at like house rent, groceries, inflation, political situation of the country, transportation mode, entertainment options etc. One must get information on various such parameters and then make an estimate on the cost of living abroad in a new place like Australia.

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The standard of living in Australia is amongst that of the highest countries. A foreign student living in Australia has to pay for anything between AUS$ 16000 – AUS$ 20000 as living expenses which include food, accommodation, clothing, local transport, telephone, gas/electricity, stationery, and entertainment in each year of study. However, this varies significantly by location and lifestyle.

Tuition fees:- Tuition costs are based on courses and these are decided by the institutions itself. However, certain courses like Vocational education and training cost between AUS$ 10000 to AUS$ 18000 per year. English language courses cost AUS$ 8000 to AUS$ 16000. Undergraduate programs at different universities vary from anything between AUS$ 10000 to AUS$ 16000 per year. Post graduate programs vary from AUS$ 10000 to AUS$ 19000 per year.

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Overseas student health cover:- Australia has a special system of health cover insurance for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). This is arranged by the institution when a student arrives in Australia. It is not applicable to students doing a course for les than three months. The premium starts from AUS$ 75 for a cover of upto AUS$ 350-AUS$370 per year.