Cost of Study and Living in Argentina


Cost of Studying in Italy, Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Italy


You must carefully study the estimated cost of living in a place like Italy. Accordingly You need to be well prepared financially and ensure that enough arrangements are made for the required funds. You must also account for some reserves and emergency when you calculate the cost of living in Italy. Various parameters must be looked at like house rent, groceries, inflation, political situation of the country, transportation mode, entertainment options etc. One must get information on various such parameters and then make an estimate on the cost of living abroad in a new place like Italy.

Cost of Studying in Italy, Tuition Fees for International Students, Cost of Living in Italy


In Argentina there are two types of universities, private as well as government. Though the government universities are free whereas the fees of private universities are little expenisve.  Once you have decided to study in any of the above universities then the cost varies from university and its location.  Private Universities have an expense of around 500 pesos to 1000 pesos (US $1=3.8pesos argentines). After which the student has to decide about accommodation. For which students have 4 options
1)    To rent an apartment (will cost around 1000 to 1500 pesos per month).
2)    To become a paying guest (will cost around 900 pesos with food included).
3)    To rent a room in student’s residence (will cost around 500-700 pesos).
4)    Or to live in a hostel.
Apart from that there are daily travelling charges as well as food, entertainment, gym and many more charges which will cost students about 400-700 pesos monthly (depending upon the ability of spending of an individual).





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