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Study Abroad

Study Abroad









The world in the 21st century, in the words of Thomas Friedman, is “a flat world”. This flat world has allowed people from different cultures around the globe to intermingle with each other for the purpose of business and education.

The last two decades saw a more open India taking its rightful place as an integral part of the emerging ‘flat world” and becoming an active participant in the global work force. Today, an increasing number of Indians are ready to transcend and look beyond national boundaries in favor of growth.

Allaboutedu established with the primary objective of addressing the need to provide assistance to an ever growing outflow of Indian professionals and students.

We at Allaboutedu firmly believe that the decision to relocate to another country in not always easy and can be ridden with apprehension and anxiety of the unknown and good advice can make the difference between success and failure. Moreover, the procedures involved in its-elf may be complicated and expensive, if not followed correctly. With Allaboutedu as your consulting partner, your decisions are based on valuable pertinent information that assures success.

Over the years, Allaboutedu has emerged as one of the leading education and career consulting companies in the Indian subcontinent.

Welcome to the study in abroad section of All about Education. In this section we will give you detailed information for studying abroad by country. Each country has information across important aspects that one needs to look at while taking a decision for going abroad to study. Below are the aspects that we shall cover in the Study Abroad Section for each country individually:



Below is the list of countries that we have covered all the above information for the Study in Abroad section:


Study Abroad Country List:
Study in UK Study in Australia Study in Singapore
Study in USA Study in Canada Study in New Zealand
Study in Malaysia Study in France Study in Germany
Study in Hong Kong Study in Spain Study in Ireland
Study in Switzerland Study in Russia Study in Netherlands
Study in Italy Study in China Study in South Africa
Study in Sweden Study in Japan Study in Denmark
Study in Norway Study in Belgium Study in Finland
Study in South Korea Study in Greece Study in Dubai
Study in Brazil Study in Georgia Study in Austria
Study in Argentina Study in Bangladesh Study in Cyprus
Study in Czech Republic Study in Europe Study in Hungary
Study in Iceland Study in Indonesia Study in Iran
Study in Israel Study in Kenya Study in Latvia
Study in Lithuania Study in Malta Study in Pakistan
Study in Philippines Study in Poland Study in Portugal
Study in Qatar Study in Scotland Study in Sri Lanka
Study in Taiwan Study in UAE Study in Ukraine
Study in Tanzania Study in Thailand Study in Turkey
Study in Nigeria Study in Serbia Study in India
Study in Mexico Study in Romania Study in Egypt
Study in Zimbabwe Study in Mauritius Study in Vietnam
Study in Rwanda Study in Jordan Study in Jamaica
Study in Zambia Study in Uganda Study in Yemen


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