Schools in Surat

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Welcome to Best Schools in Surat 2011-2012 Section. Here you will find List of Top CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, Boarding, International Schools in Surat. This list of Top School in Surat is compiled from various publications and media sources. In this section you will find details about the Top Schools in Surat . You will also find the ranking of the Top 10,20,25,50,100 schools in Surat.

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Best Schools in Surat, 2011-2012, List of Top Ranking Day Boarding, IB, CBSE, International Schools in Surat.


This section provides an exhaustive listing of the schools in Surat, India. The school listing includesprimary, high schools.

Welcome to Best Schools in Surat 2011-2012 Section. Here you will find about Best Schools in Surat, List of Top 10, Ten, Ranking Day Boarding, Day Boarding, IB, CBSE, International Schools in Surat.


Best Schools in Surat, List of Top Ranking Boarding, Residential, Day Boarding, CBSE, ICSE, IB, International, Boys, Girls Schools in Surat.


School Address City State Affiliation Pupils
Kendriya Vidyalaya Surat Surat Gujarat CBSE Co-ed
Adarsh vidhyalay Surat, Telephone : 645311 Surat Gujarat
Akhand Anand Vidhya bhavan Surat Surat Gujarat
Anglo Urdu high school Surat, Telephone : 426986 Surat Gujarat
Archna vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
Bai P. M. Patel high school Surat, Telephone : 423638 Surat Gujarat
Bright Land English High School Surat, Telephone : 423816 Surat Gujarat
C G Sonawala M V Girls High school Surat, Telephone : 425209 Surat Gujarat
Chandulal Chaganlal Shah Sarvajanik english school Surat, Telephone : 666362 Surat Gujarat
Chatrapati Shivaji Marathi medium school Surat Surat Gujarat
Divya Nayan vidhyalay Surat, Telephone : 685130 Surat Gujarat
Diwari Baug Girls school Surat Surat Gujarat
E M Jinwala Girls school Surat, Telephone : 455764 Surat Gujarat
I C Gandhi high school Surat, Telephone : 424741 Surat Gujarat
I G Desai vidhyalay Surat-649679 Surat Gujarat
I P Mission Boys high school Surat, Telephone : 424927 Surat Gujarat
I P Mission girls High school Surat, Telephone : 427112 Surat Gujarat
J M Mawani High school Surat Surat Gujarat
J. M Mawani High school Surat. Surat Gujarat
Janma Bhumi high school Surat, Telephone : 642819 Surat Gujarat
Jeevan Bharti High school Surat, Telephone : 424260 Surat Gujarat
Jeevan Vikas high school Surat Surat Gujarat
Lions Silk City Hindi medium vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
Lok Bharti Vidhyalay Surat, Telephone : 667261 Surat Gujarat
Loudz convent High school Surat, Telephone : 669958 Surat Gujarat
M G Singapuri girls high school Surat, Telephone : 426912 Surat Gujarat
M T. Jariwala School Surat Surat Gujarat
Madressa Taiyabiha Girls high school Surat, Telephone : 426032 Surat Gujarat
N G Zaveri Jain high school Surat, Telephone : 424894 Surat Gujarat
N M Zaveri Union High school Surat, Telephone : 439977 Surat Gujarat
Nav Sarjan vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
New Model High school Surat Surat Gujarat
P P Savani vidhyay Surat, Telephone : 640680 Surat Gujarat
Pravruti vidhyalaya Surat Surat Gujarat
R B Dhami vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
R T Contractor High school Surat, Telephone : 431663 Surat Gujarat
Ram Krishna Vidhya Bhavan Surat Surat Gujarat
Ratna Sagar Jain vidhyalay Gopipura Surat, Telephone : 427002 Surat Gujarat
S E M English High school Surat Surat Gujarat
Sadhna vidhya bhavan girls school Surat, Telephone : 643330 Surat Gujarat
Sanskar Vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
Santi Niketan vidhya vihar Surat Surat Gujarat
Saraswati vidhyalay Surat, Telephone : 641895 Surat Gujarat
Sarita vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
Sarvajanik High school for girls Surat, Telephone : 424898 Surat Gujarat
Shah Udaram Mangilal Shah High school Surat Surat Gujarat
Sharda Vidhya mandir Surat Surat Gujarat
Sharda Yatan vidhyalay Surat, Telephone : 667567 Surat Gujarat
Shri Sadh Guru vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
Shri Swami Narayan school Surat Surat Gujarat
Shri. PH Bachkaniwala vidhya mandir Surat, Telephone : 632718 Surat Gujarat
Shri. Swami Narayan Gurukul vidhyalay Surat Surat Gujarat
Shri. V D Desai Wadiwala high school Surat, Telephone : 684941 Surat Gujarat
Simga English High school Surat, Telephone : 424766 Surat Gujarat
T M. Patel School Surat, Telephone : 695092 Surat Gujarat
V T.Choksi Sarvajanik High school Surat, Telephone : 429912 Surat Gujarat
Vidhya Bharti Hindi vidhyalay Surat, Telephone : 647334 Surat Gujarat
VK Jain high school Surat Surat Gujarat
VN Godhani Girls school Surat Surat Gujarat

Please note that the list of schools in Surat, India compiled above is correct from our knowledge. If you see any error in name or the address of school, please do let us know. This list is provided only for personal use.

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