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HSE – Biology, Chemistry, Physics Course

This page and section has details on Top HSE Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of HSE Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India


Any course you do will definitely add value to you in many ways. Not only one gets to learn many new things from these various courses but also increases the experience and skill sets of an individual.

Welcome to the Best HSE Courses after 10th, Top HSE Courses after 10 in India section. There are many HSE courses after 10th in India for arts, commerce, science streams, students like HSE, graphics designing, visual effects, digital film making, vfx, multimedia, web & game design courses. Here you will find a list of top and best HSE courses after 10th, 10 in and across top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune, Coimbatore, Noida, Gurgaon, India. Here you can explore top and best part time, short term, pg diploma and degree courses. New, one year, 1 year, certificate, professional courses, job oriented, different, various courses after graduation. New and different courses in any filed help you keep abreast of other and updated with the latest in that particular industry. Doing a specialized course will also assist you in your job or for better job prospects.

Physics is a field of science that teaches you about motion, matter and machines.

Chemistry is the field of science that teaches you about matter in greater detail.

Biology is the science that deals with life and body.

Here are the course details for HSE courses. Top HSE Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of HSE Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India



The following eligibility is needed to pursue these subjects at higher secondary level

  • For pursuing these subjects at the higher secondary level, you need very high marks not only in these subjects but also on an overall basis.
  • The secondary degree should be from a recognized board.


The duration of this certificate may be as following:

The duration of the course depends on the state and the board you are attached with. Though in most cases, it is a two year certificate course, which is run by a recognized board, some boards and states also consider higher secondary as a one year course only.


The scope of this course is:

  • To begin with whereas in India science is a compulsory subject for students till class 10, at higher secondary level, all students, who take-up science as a subject are given an option as to which of the two main streams relating to science do they actually want to choose. Whereas the students of Biology have the option of pursuing studies in Medical science and go on to become doctors, the students of physics and chemistry can opt for an engineering degree.
  • Higher secondary only strengthens your foundations regarding these subjects so that you can later peruse professional fields. It teaches you science in greater depth.
  • Though it is not a rule, science students are said to be in a better position to take-up civil services exams.

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