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Diploma – Computer Programming Course

This page and section has details on Top Diploma Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of Diploma Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India


Any course you do will definitely add value to you in many ways. Not only one gets to learn many new things from these various courses but also increases the experience and skill sets of an individual.

Welcome to the Best Computer Programming Courses after 12th, Top Computer Programming Courses after 10+2 in India section. There are many Computer Programming courses after 12th in India for arts, commerce, science streams, students like graphics designing, visual effects, digital film making, vfx, multimedia, web & game design courses. Here you will find a list of top and best Computer Programming courses after 12th, 10+2 in and across top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Pune, Coimbatore, Noida, Gurgaon, India. Here you can explore top and best part time, short term, pg diploma and degree courses. New, one year, 1 year, certificate, professional courses, job oriented, different, various courses after graduation. New and different courses in any filed help you keep abreast of other and updated with the latest in that particular industry. Doing a specialized course will also assist you in your job or for better job prospects.

There is hardly any field these days which remained unaffected from the influence of Information technology and it is all because of computers. The impact of these evolvements can be easily seen on business management as there is an ever increasing demand for computer professionals. Since the computers have interface with other mode of communication too, the demand for computer professionals is bound to keep on increasing. Considering this fact, diploma course in Computer Programming has been developed so that students are able to remain updated with latest developments in the field of computers.

Here are the course details for Diploma courses. Top Diploma Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of Diploma Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India


Eligibility for Admission to Diploma Computer Programming

You must have passed 10+2 from a reputed board or educational institution in Science or Commerce.

Duration of the Course

1 Year

Course Structure

Introduction to Computers

  • Introduction to Computers
  • The Internet & the World Wide Web
  • Application Software
  • The Components of the System Unit
    • Input
    • Output
    • Storage
  • Operating Systems & Utility Programs

Operating Systems

  • Exploring the Basics
  • Working with Files
  • Organizing Files with Windows Explorer
  • Personalizing Your Windows Environment
  • Searching for Information
  • Working with Graphics
  • Object Linking and Embedding
  • Exploring Your Network
  • Managing Windows XP
  • Working with Hardware

An Introduction to Information Systems

  • Introduction to Computer Based Information Systems
  • Hardware:  Input, Processing, Output and Storage  Devices
  • Software: Systems and Applications Packages
  • Telecommunications and Networks
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheet Applications
  • Databases
  • Graphics, On-line Information and other PC Applications
  • Business Information Systems
  • Security, Privacy, Environmental and Ethical Issues
  • Issues and Trends: The Impact of Computers at School, Home and Work

Introduction to the Internet

  • Developing a Basic Web Page and Links
  • Designing a Web Page
  • Designing a Web Page with Tables & Frames
  • Creating Web Page Forms
  • Working with Cascading Style Sheets
  • Programming with JavaScript
  • Working with JavaScript Objects & Events
  • Creating a Multimedia Web Page

C Language Programming

  • C Fundamentals
  • Introducing C’s Program Control Statements
  • More C Program Control Statements
  • A Closer Look at Data Types, Variables and Expressions
  • Exploring Arrays & Strings
  • Making Use of  Pointers
  • A Closer Look at Functions
  • Console 1/0; File 1/0
  • Structures & Unions: Advanced Data Types Operators
  • The C Preprocessor & Some Advanced Topics

Institutes Offering Diploma Computer Programming

  • Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women (Dadar, Mumbai)
  • Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women (Hosur Road, Bangalore)
  • Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women (West Bengal)
  • Regional Vocational Training Institute for Women (Kerala)
  • VCC Computer Institute (Panchkula, Haryana)

Job Prospects

There is no doubt to the fact that you will have to face tougher competition in computer programming field compared to any other IT field. However, it is equally true that in the world of computers, the need of computer programmers can never be eliminated.

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