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B.Sc – Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Course

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Welcome to Best Courses after Graduation for Science, Non Medical, Biology Students in Science stream in India, Courses after Bsc Chemistry, Nursing, Computer Science, Botany, Zoology, Physics, Botany section. What to do after Graduation in Science? This is a typical question that many students have in their mind and are looking for good answers for these questions. There are many career options and courses available after graduation, courses after bsc for medical, non medical, biology, chemistry, physics, botany, computer science students. Here you can explore top and best courses and careers after graduation, bsc, courses after graduation in Science stream, post graduate diploma and degree courses in science in the top cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Noida, Gurgaon, India. New and different courses in any filed help you keep abreast of other and updated with the latest in that particular industry. Doing a specialized course will also assist you in your job or for better job prospects. Any course you do will definitely add value to you in many ways. Not only one gets to learn many new things from these various courses but also increases the experience and skill sets of an individual.

B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology is a degree where students can learn about speech development, language, hearing, problems and an understanding of the treatment of these problems. Typically, the subjects apart from Audiology & Speech Pathology are Anatomy & Physiology, Childhood & Adult communication disorders and Diagnostics & Rehabilitation. If a student wishes to become an audiologist or a speech pathologist, then a Masters degree will also be needed in the same subject.

Here are the course details for B.Sc courses. Top B.Sc Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of B.Sc Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India.


The eligibility for a B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Degree

The eligibility for this degree will be a passing mark in 12th standard examination with Physics, Chemistry Math or Biology as the main subjects. Different colleges offering B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology are likely to have their own cut-off marks depending on the number of students that apply to their courses every year.


The B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Degree is typically a 4 year program with the first 3 years comprising of class room education and the 4th year have hospital or special schools rotations. At the end of every semester or year, the student will have to undertake clinical rotations in Speech Pathology and Audiology departments.

Scope for B.Sc. Audiology & Speech Language Pathology

Most students will need to complete a Masters degree in Speech Pathology or Audiology to in order to get a job in a hospital or special needs school as an audiologist or speech pathologist. A B.Sc. Degree in this subject prepares the students with their further studies.

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