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B.Tech – Civil Engineering

This page and section has details on Top B.Tech Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of B.Tech Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India.


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B Tech (Civil Engineering) is an undergraduate level degree course, awarded after completion of three or four year studies in this field from a recognized university or any other deemed institution. B Tech (Civil Engineering) degree apart from theoretical knowledge also involves classroom and on the job training to construct bridges, roads, canals and dams.

Here are the course details for B.Tech courses. Top B.Tech Courses in India, List of Best Ranking and latest courses of B.Tech Institutes, Different Courses and Programs in India.



The following eligibility may be needed to pursue B. Tech. (Civil Engineering)

  • A student needs to clear higher secondary from a recognized board with very high marks in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • Institutions also ask for an general admission test for admission into the course or sometimes offer their own test for admission.


The duration B Tech (Civil Engineering) is a four year course including one year practical or on the job training.


The scope of B Tech (Civil Engineering) is:

  • B Tech (Civil Engineering) can provide you a good job in any construction industry. It gives you an opportunity to construct bridges, roads, canals and dams. Students with this degree are finding a huge scope not only in construction work but also in maintenance, repair and upgrading of old bridges, roads, canals and dams.
  • The scope is wide as you can work in a public sector company including railways and armed forces or open your own construction company.
  • B Tech (Civil Engineering) gives you opportunity to study M Tech degree in the same field.
  • For those wanting to pursue their career in India, the degree provides a lot of scope in rural environment. It also gives you a chance to move abroad or grab a job with MNC’s.

Course Structure

The Course Structure of Civil Engineer is divided into 2 parts which has 2 categories.

Paper- I

Part – A

Theory Of Structures:

  1. Principles Of Superposition
  2. Unsymmetrical Bending: Determinate And Indeterminate
  3. Structures: Simple And Space Frames, Degree Of Freedom
  4. Equations: Slope Deflection And Moment; Distribution Methods
  5. Energy Methods: Approximate methods and Numerical Methods of Moving Loads Shearing Force
  6. Influence Fines For Simple And Continuous Beams
  7. Analysis Of Determinate And Indeterminate Arches
  8. Matrix Methods Of Analysis, Stiffness And Flexibility Matrices

Steel Design:

  1. Factors Of Safety And Load Factors
  2. Compression And Flexural Members
  3. Design Tension
  4. Built Up Beams And Plate girders
  5. Design Of Stanchions
  6. Slabs And Gusseted Bases
  7. Industrial And Multistoried Buildings
  8. Plastic Design Of Frames And Portraits.

R.C. Design:

  1. Working Streets And Limit State Methods Of Design
  2. Columns. Footing-Single And Combined Raft Foundations
  3. Design Of Slabs, Simple And Continuous Beams Rectangle T & L Sections
  4. Elevated Water Tanks, Encased Beams And Columns

Part – B

Fluid Mechanics

  1. Dynamic Of Fluid Flow- Equations Of Continuity
  2. Bernoulli’s Theorem
  3. Equations Of Continuity; Energy And Momentum
  4. Hydraulic And Energy Grade Fines

Hydraulic Engineering

  1. Open Charnel Flow- Uniform And Non-Uniform Flow
  2. Design Of Canals
  3. Canal Structure
  4. Diver Headwork
  5. Dams

Wells And Tube Wells

  1. Soli Mechanics And Foundation Engineering
  2. Boussinesque And Westerguard Theories
  3. Origin And Classification Of Soils

Paper- II

Part – A

  1. Building Construction
  2. Railways And Highways Engineering
  3. Roads And Runways
  4. Surveying

Part – B

  1. Water Resources Engineering
  2. Sanitation And Water Supply
  3. Environmental Engineering
  4. Typical Features Of Sewerage Sydems

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