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List of engineering courses

So you want to be come an Engineer?

But are you sure which engineering stream containing what course, you want to choose. Let us help you to make your decision.

Following is the list of all the engineering streams with course that are available currently in India, from which you can choose to the best of your liking.

Aeronautical and Aerospace engineering courses list

– This engineering course deals with the design, creation and operation of machines related to flying – planes, missiles, rockets, spacecrafts etc. Aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion, acoustics are subjects that are taught under this course.

Agricultural engineering courses list

– This branch of engineering focuses on the design and operation of tools, implements and machines that are used in the practice of agriculture.

Computer engineering courses list

– This engineering stream teaches about the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of computer components.

Electronic and Electrical engineering courses list

– This engineering course includes research, development, design, creation and maintenance of a diverse set of objects ranging from global Positioning Systems to semi-conductor chips used in mobile phones.

Automobile engineering courses list

– This stream of engineering studies deals with the design, creation, manufacture and operation of machines relevant to automobiles ranging from the ubiquitous motorcycle to buses and trucks. Civil Engineering – This engineering course teaches about the design, development and construction of bridges, dams, metro, railroad systems etc.

Industrial engineering courses list

– This branch of engineering studies teaches how to make the machines and people work in tandem with each other so that maximum productivity is derived.

Instrumentation engineering courses list

– This engineering stream teaches about design, manufacture and maintenance of instruments and instrument units.


Manufacturing engineering courses list

– A Manufacturing Engineer is taught how to manufacture things – be it structures, machinery, electronics, medical devices, automobile parts, textiles and clothing, or household products or toys or cans and bottles any thing and everything that can be manufactured.

Marine engineering courses list

– Under this engineering course, one gets to learn the designing, construction and management of ships and other naval vehicles.

Mechanical engineering courses list

– This engineering branch is concerned with the design, construction, and operation of power plants, engines, and machines. It deals mostly with things that move.

Metallurgical engineering courses list

– This stream of engineering studies deals with metals – basically the research, development and manufacture of new metal alloys for wide applications across industries.

Mining engineering courses list

– This engineering stream deals with mines and minerals. The mining equipment is developed and manufactured by mining engineers. Besides this, there are also an array of other engineering courses which one can specialize in like ceramic engineering, textile engineering, nuclear engineering…the list can go on and on.

Hope that now all the engineering aspirants are sufficiently knowledgeable about various Engineering streams that available at their disposals.

Normally, which ever Industry is hot the demand for those engineering stream rises. Like currently Computer Engineering is very hot!

Here is the list of Education Courses in Colleges & Universities.

Advanced Diploma/Degree Courses

Bulgarian Czech
Hungarian Polish
Russian Serbian
Slovak Modern Arabic

Architecture Courses 

Bachelors in Architecture Masters in Architecture

B.Design Courses

Apparel Production Communication Design
Fashion Communication Product Design
Leather Design Knitwear Design

B.P.P. Courses

Bachelor’s Preparatory Programme

B.Tech Courses

Civil Engineering Computer Engineering
Electrical Engineering Electronics & Communication Engineering
Environmental Engineering Rubber and Plastic Technology Engineering
Mining Engineering Aeronautical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering Agricultural Engineering
Architecture Engineering Automobile Engineering
Bioinformatics Biotechnology
Ceramic Technology

BA Courses

General Arabic
French Journalism
Mathematics Sanskrit
History Economics
Political Science Hindi (Hons)
Public Administration Malayalam
Business Economics Archeology
Geography Geology
Home Science Performance Arts
Drawing and Painting

Bachelor of Applied Science Courses

Electronics (Hons) Food Tech (Hons)
Instrumentation (Hons)

BBA Courses

General Media Management
Hotel Management Tourism & Travel Management

BCom Courses

Banking and Insurance Co-operative Management
Accounting and Finance Secretaryship
E-Commerce English and Business Communication
Computer Applications Office Management

BE Courses

Biomedical Engineering Aeronautical Engineering
Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering Architecture Engineering
Automobile Engineering Bioinformatics
Computer Science Biotechnology
Building Sciences Chemical Engineering
Communication Engineering Civil Engineering

BSc Courses

Agriculture Botany
Computer Science Anthropology
Statistics Microbiology
Audiology & Speech Language Pathology Geology
Zoology Environmental Studies
Aviation Biochemistry

DEOACC Courses


Diploma Courses

Computer Programming Cruise Galley Operations
Art and Design Visual Communications
Acting Accounting & Finance
Acupuncture Banking
Animation Business Administration
Business Communication Construction Management
Fashion Design Foreign Trade
Information Technology Pharmacy

Entrance Exam Courses

IIT Management Aptitude Test (MAT)

Fine Arts Courses

Masters of Fine Arts Bachelors in Designing (Fashion Designing)
Bachelors in Designing (Accessory Designing)

HSE Courses

Biology, Chemistry, Physics Civics, Economics, Commerce

LL.M Courses

Constitutional Law

M.D Courses

Anesthesiology Anatomy
Social and Preventive Medicine

M.Pharm. Courses

Quality Assurance Pharmaceutical Analysis

M.Phil Courses

Botany Geology
Clinical Psychology Costume Design and Fashion
Rehabilitation Psychology French

M.Tech Courses

Aerospace Engineering Biotechnology
Chemical Engineering

MA Courses

Psychology Philosophy
Sanskrit Archeology

Masters Degree Courses

Master of Dietetics & Food Service Management Master of Social Work (M.S.W.)
Master of Theology Master of Visual Arts
MDS Community Dentistry MDS Conservative Dentistry
MDS Oral Medicine & Radiology MDS Oral Pathology and Microbio
M.Plan Regional Planning M.Plan Industrial Design
M. Plan Building Engineering and Management M. Plan Architectural Conservation
M.Plan Landscape Design


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