M.Sc – Marine & Coastal Studies Course

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M.Sc. Marine & Coastal Studies Course boosts the knowledge and comprehension of marine and coastal management systems while evolving their capacity to amalgamate the related ecological, economic and legal aspects of concern. The study includes finding the various marine and coastal problems and finding their solutions.

M.Sc. Marine & Coastal Studies Course includes specializations in aquaculture, marine biology and biochemistry, and marine resources.

Lectures, filed work and research thesis are included in the course which helps the students in developing their ability to consider and analyze marine and coastal problems.

The importance of M.Sc. Marine & Coastal Studies Course is on increase considering its sustainable use in political other than its practical importance not only at national level but highly at international level.

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Eligibility Criteria for Admission in M.Sc Marine & Coastal Studies Course

  • You must have acquired Bachelor’s degree in Science.
  • Those with Bachelor’s in areas related to marine such as Marine Technology, Marine Biology, Marine Bio-Chemistry or Aquaculture are also eligible for the course.

Duration of M.Sc Marine & Coastal Studies Course

M.Sc. Marine and Coastal Studies Course is of 2 years duration.

Career Prospects

M.Sc. Marine & Coastal Studies Course surely gives you a solid base for getting great career prospects both at national and international level. Having the multidisciplinary background, candidates with degree in this program are highly in demand by the fisheries and aquaculture industry. In addition, administrative authorities also prefer candidates with degree in M.Sc. Marine & Coastal Studies Course.

You will be responsible for the development of policies, their efficient implementation and management of marine and coastal planning.