HSE – Civics, Economics, Commerce Course

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Higher Secondary in civics or political science as it is called gives you in depth knowledge of how the political systems work at both national and international level. Higher secondary in Economics gives you the basic knowledge about various types of economies and how they work. You also get to learn the basic concepts of demand and supply and how they affect both the individual and the economy as a whole.

Commerce at the higher secondary level deals with understanding how various kinds of business set-up like sole proprietorship, joint venture, partnership and company set-up work. You also get to understand the fundamentals of management of a business.

Moreover, whereas the study of civics starts at class 6 onwards, the study of commerce is a specialized subject and starts at class 11. The study of economics begins at different levels in different boards depending on the rules and regulation of the concerned board. The in most cases, the study of economics starts at class 11, in some cases it also begins at class 9.

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The following eligibility is needed to pursue  this course:

  • For pursuing these subjects at the higher secondary level, you need to get good marks at the secondary level at an overall basis.
  • The secondary degree should be from a recognized board.


The duration of this certificate may be as following:

  • The duration of the course depends on the state and the board you are attached with. Though in most cases, it is a two year certificate course, which is run by a recognized board, some boards and states also consider higher secondary as a one year course only.


The scope of these courses are:

  • Higher secondary only strengthens your foundations regarding these subjects so that you can later pursue professional fields. It teaches you science in greater depth.
  • The study of both commerce and economics at the higher secondary level helps you to start your own business.
  • You can become a political analyst after the study of civics.
  • After studying civics and economics in greater details, you can find a good government job.