B.Sc – Biochemistry Course

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The analysis of the chemical process in living organisms is referred as biochemistry. It elucidates the structure and functioning of cellular constituents like lipids, nucleic acids and proteins etc.

The major difference between normal chemistry and biochemistry is that while the former comprises all the reactions as well as chemical changes that take place in the body of living organisms; the latter comprises the study of the reactions that take place outside only. Since it studies the chemical activities inside a living body, it proves to be very beneficial to human race.

The objective of B.Sc. Biochemistry is to educate the students about the latest developments in the prominent areas of biochemistry.

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Eligibility Criteria for Admission to B.Sc. Biochemistry

  • You must have passed 10+2 from a reputed school or education institution.
  • You need to pas 10+2 standard with subjects Biology/Botany/Zoology, Chemistry/Microbiology/Biochemistry and with or without Mathematics.

Other Personal Attributes

You need to have inquisitive attitude, determination and keen observation. Also, you must be prepared to do hard work and possess lots of patience.

Since this field is mostly associated with research work, then it gets essential that you have a team spirit and ready to work as a part of a team.

Duration of the Course

The duration of B.Sc. Biochemistry course is of 3 years. The examination pattern varies from institute to institute. While some colleges opt for semester pattern where exam takes place after every six months; others choose yearly pattern where you need to take exam yearly.

Institutes Offering B.Sc. Biochemistry Course

  • King Nandivarman College of Arts and Science (Tamil Nadu)
  • A.V.S. College of Arts and Science (Tamil Nadu)
  • Presidency College (Tamil Nadu)
  • K C College (Maharashtra)
  • Vysys College (Tamil Nadu)
  • Sree Krishna College (Kerala)
  • Institute of Science and Advanced Research (West Bengal)
  • Idariya College of Arts and Science for Women (Pondicherry)
  • Apollo Arts and Science College (Tamil Nadu)
  • Government College of Science (Chhattisgarh)
  • Jahnavi Degree College (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Metas Adventist College (Gujarat)
  • University of Delhi (Delhi)
  • Shivaji College (Delhi)
  • Deshbandhu College (Delhi)
  • Daulat Ram College, Delhi
  • Kakatiya University (Warangal)
  • University of Madras (Madras)
  • Amity University of Biotechnology (New Delhi)

Job Prospects

Students with B.Sc. often indulge in research related work in different fields.

In the field of medicine, the work of biochemist carries out diagnostic tests as investigations to look for the causes behind diseases. They keep watch over the chemical changes that take place in the body which indicate the onset of numerous diseases like tuberculosis, cancer, diabetes etc.

In the field of agriculture, the job of biochemist is to evolve new improved techniques helpful in crop production and crop storage management, thus they prove great help in improving the output as well as quality of agricultural produce.

In nutrition area, research and study of effects of specific food stuffs, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins if taken in excess or deficient amount is studied by biochemists.


Pay scale in the field of biochemistry is good but it is truth that higher pay-packages go into the pocket of PhDs. However, you are sure to see rapid increment in your salary with increasing experience.