B.Design – Knitwear Design Course


Knitwear design is a bachelor’s course which provides specialization in designing related to knitwear textiles. It can also be termed as a branch of Textile designing which is designed to grant major in knitwear apparel designing. The course of knitwear design comprise of key curriculum elements like knitwear design and construction, Cross cultural understanding, manufacturing skills, effective advertising and marketing skills, designing software’s, effective communication etc.

Eligibility and Duration for B.Design Knitwear Design

The minimum educational qualification for bachelor’s in Knitwear design is 10+2 certificate from a recognized board. Some institutes might also ask for personal interview and written test before giving admission to the course. The duration for a bachelor course in knitwear design is 4 years.

Scope for B.Design Knitwear Design

A bachelor’s degree in Knitwear design can prove very fruitful after the completion of the course. There’s ample of opportunities available after a student completes the course with good percentage of marks. These courses also provide on the job facility to help students cope with the working environment and pressures effectively. Higher studies are also a great option after bachelor’s course. These courses provide specialized education and open avenues to lucrative and highly rewarding jobs. MBA is also a better option as it will help one climb managerial strata’s in their own field.

Job Prospects for B.Design Knitwear Design

  • As a knitwear designer with Textile firms.
  • Senior Sweater Instructor and Designer with manufacturing companies.
  • As a professor or lecturer with various colleges and universities.
  • As an entrepreneur by setting your own boutique.